License to dial: Burner subscriptions for Father’s Day

License to dial: Burner subscriptions for Father’s Day
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When you hear the term “mission impossible,” do you immediately think of Ethan Hunt, or does your mind wander to the difficult (re: impossible) task of finding a gift for your dear dad every Father’s Day?

Socks? Too cliché. A tie? He's got a drawer full. Another grilling accessory? Please — when’s the last time he took the cover off the grill? If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift (that’s also super simple to get and easy on your wallet), we’ve got a great suggestion.

Our unlikely hero emerges from the shadows. Do you see it? It’s not a bird or a plane, and it’s definitely not Ethan Hunt. It’s Burner, a gadget straight out of a spy movie (practically), a privacy-protecting device your dad never knew he needed.

Burner phones aren’t just for spies

If your dad’s seen a spy movie or two, he’s likely seen a Burner phone before. Once the exclusive gadget of international spies and undercover agents, they’ve now infiltrated the mainstream, and they're packing features that would make even James Bond raise an eyebrow. 

The modern spy (aka your dad who can’t stand getting calls from numbers he doesn’t know yet willingly gives out his SSN to any scammer with a half-baked story) doesn’t have to get an actual second phone to enjoy the benefits of a Burner number, though.

All you need is the Burner app and the anonymous line that comes with it. With their disposable nature and untraceable digits, these virtual, anonymous numbers are straight out of a 007 blockbuster (just ensure your dad knows he can’t dramatically snap his phone in half when he’s done using his Burner).

Burner numbers aren’t just about anonymity but also convenience. They make it way easier for your pop to organize his calls and texts, set boundaries, and maintain privacy, all in a simple and no-frills user interface (yes, even one he can navigate).

So, while Burner numbers may have a reputation fit for secret agents and covert operations, they're also perfect for the “mission impossibles” of everyday life — like helping your hero dad keep his cool (and his contacts) amidst the chaos.

Eat your heart out 007

Our everyday dads may not be international spies (that you know of…), but they sure do love their gadgets. Here are four real-life scenarios where a Burner number would be the perfect Father's Day gift.

Spy movie fanatic

This dad has seen every Bond movie since Dr. No came out in ‘62 and can recite lines verbatim. With a Burner, he finally gets his own "license to dial." Now, he can enjoy anonymous calls and untraceable digits, all while feeling like he's part of his favorite spy series.

Privacy-loving dad

He's deleted Facebook, uses search engines that don't track him, and is convinced he's off the grid — even though the whole family can see his live location. A Burner number is the cherry on top of his privacy pie, helping him maintain anonymity and avoid spam calls and texts.

Road warrior dad

Our “road warrior dad” is always on the move, traveling for work or family adventures. He needs a reliable sidekick that can help him stay on top of his communications, relax when he prefers not to be disturbed, and maintain his privacy wherever he finds himself — whether that’s Reno or Rio.

Tech geek dad

Last but not least, we have the tech-forward dad. He's got the latest gadgets, and a Burner number gives him a new toy to play with. He'll love experimenting with different numbers, customizing voicemail greetings, and setting up auto-replies.

Parent-proof Burner subscriptions

Signing your dad (or mom) up for a Burner subscription is as parent-proof as it gets. It's a simple process that even the least tech-savvy individuals can manage with a little help. 

If you want to surprise your dad with the subscription, all you have to do is sign up online, help him download the app to his phone (if he needs the help — otherwise, it’s as simple as clicking “download” in the App Store or Play Store), and voila, they’re all set.

The subscription automatically renews monthly, so they don't have to worry about managing it. If you want to ensure they get the most out of their new spy-like tool, here are some tips to help your parents navigate their new Burner subscription:

  • Show them how to “burn” a number: If someone’s figured out their Burner number, teach them how to instantly deactivate it and get a new one. It’s as simple as hitting “burn” and watching the number go up in flames.
  • Help them avoid spam calls: By using Burner, they can protect their primary number from unwanted calls and texts. Teach them how to use this feature to its full potential and how to recognize spam calls and texts when they see them.
  • Teach them to use multiple numbers: Show them how to juggle different numbers for different purposes. For example, they can have one number for online shopping, another for signing up for newsletters, and a third for personal calls.

With these tips, your parents can enjoy their new gadget, and you can rest easy knowing they're safe from spam and unwanted callers. Talk about a win-win!

For dad, with love

Stop stressing about what to get your dad for Father’s Day this year, and get him a Burner subscription.

Whether he's a spy movie fanatic, a privacy lover, a road warrior, or a tech geek, Burner offers him the thrill of having a secret agent tool in his pocket. Easy to set up and manage, it's a parent-proof subscription that brings safety, privacy, and ease into his life.

Here's to all super-dads out there. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, begins now. Good luck, Agent Dad!

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