Burner Number For iPhone

Burner Number For iPhone
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iPhone rocketed onto the scene in 2008 with 11 million iPhones purchased, and as of 2021, there are over a billion iPhone users globally.

That means more than one in eight people own an iPhone on the planet Earth.

The Importance of the iPhone Today

While the mobile phone market is certainly a competitive one, Apple and their line of iPhone products are in a league of their own when it comes to their influence on smartphones as a whole.

The iPhone changed the game by bringing smartphones into the average person’s living room and transforming mobile devices into personal handheld computers.

On one hand, this meant that you now had access to uncountable new features that your old flip cell could never have dreamed of.

On the other hand, it now meant that you were constantly connected to the outside world with an all-in-one device that stored your personal info, bank account information, current location, and much more.


Personal privacy has become a much more difficult thing to preserve, and society has made a lot of concessions in the way of privacy for the sake of technological innovations that have made life more convenient.

With these issues in mind, every bit of security you can outfit your device with makes a difference. In a world where the iPhone makes such an impact on the world around us, your phone number is more meaningful than ever.

Today, it feels like everyone in the world needs to be able to contact your iPhone, ranging from your old friend from college to the furniture store down the road.

One way to maintain some of your privacy and control who gets access to your iPhone is to create a burner number that you can use on your iPhone.

Why Are People Contacting Your Phone Number?

People are constantly calling your phone, and it seems like these calls are unsolicited just as often as they are expected. In fact, unwanted phone calls are the FCC’s number one complaint across the nation.


Unwanted calls come from various sources; some come from salespeople trying to get you to buy things, while others don’t come from real people and instead reach you as automated robocalls.

Aside from being frustrating and annoying to the average consumer, what ties these calls together is that these are people you didn’t give your phone number to.

We are long past the age where to get a call means you gave that person your phone number. Most telemarketers purchase your data from third parties, and keeping your data from them can be very difficult.

Actions such as registering to vote, contributing to charity, and calling 800 numbers can give up your phone number to these outside agents.


You can take some actions, such as signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry, but this only goes so far. The National Do Not Call Registry is only honored by unwanted calls that come your way legally, and many of them are not legal.

Your iPhone also has built-in features that help you fight against unwanted calls. However, the bottom line is that we live in a time where keeping your number secret is next to impossible. No matter what you do, there will be people out there who get access to your phone number and try to call you.

With our phones being such an important presence in our lives, it can be tough to figure out your line in terms of how much of your privacy and security you are willing to compromise. One of the best ways to maintain security is to use your personal phone number as little as possible.

Using the Burner App With Your iPhone

Using the Burner app, you can get all of the benefits of a burner phone without actually purchasing a second mobile device. Burner gives you a second number and access to separate calls and texts, all of which you can use on your own phone.

Most importantly, Burner takes considerable action to maintain the security and anonymity of your original phone number. Burner provides user-to-user privacy to protect both your phone number and your data as a whole.

This means that people won’t be able to track down your personal number just because they have your burner number, even though you are using your own iPhone. You can feel free to make phone calls without worrying whether or not people will track that information and use it to hound you with unwanted calls later down the line.

Getting a second phone number is as easy as getting a burner phone, which is very simple to do if you have never done it before.

Companies like Walmart sell all kinds of burner phones ranging from old-school flip phones to simple smartphones. These phones are prepaid, and you can get them for a relatively low price.

There are even some iPhones that you can use a prepaid plan for at your local store or online. Burner phones work as you would expect; they are prepaid phones that let you maintain anonymity by giving you a new phone number and a different phone plan.

There are easier ways to get a burner number. Buying a burner phone and loading it in minutes can be a hassle, and it could also take time to set everything up.


Keeping your personal information safe and secure on an iPhone can be tough, and it is something a lot of people in the world struggle with. With Burner, you can relax a little bit regarding your privacy and anonymity.

Burner gives you a second number separate from your personal phone number and data, giving you some breathing room when you are making calls.

All you have to do is designate who in your life you trust to be called with your personal number, leaving the rest of the world for your burner.

Instead of having to run off to the store to buy an entirely new device, you can access everything from your iPhone at your convenience.

Visit Burner now to download the app and protect your privacy.


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