757 Area Code: Get A Virginia Beach Area Code Today

757 Area Code: Get A Virginia Beach Area Code Today
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The east coast isn’t necessarily known for its beaches, but the major exception is Virginia Beach. Thanks to a bustling dining scene, gorgeous oceans with tons of maritime history, and growing arts and entertainment scene, it’s easy to see why nearly 450,000 people are proud to call Virginia Beach their home.

If you’re lucky enough to be setting up a permanent shop in Virginia Beach, or if you’re starting up a new business in this growing area, getting a 757 area code can make you feel right at home. Here’s how to get one easily and efficiently.

Where Does a 757 Area Code Include?

A 757 area code encompasses a large portion of eastern Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the Eastern Shore. It is also used in Williamsburg, Franklin, and Suffolk.

Of course, it’s not the only area code that you’ll find in the state. Other nearby codes include 948, 804, and 434.

How to Get a 757 Area Code

The easiest and most efficient is by getting a second number with the Burner app. Burner is a smartphone app for your Android or iPhone that provides you with a secondary number that reroutes incoming calls and texts to your primary one.

Not only does this keep your personal number secure, but it also gives you access to an area code of your choosing.

Just input your preferred area code and we’ll generate a Burner number based on your preferences. Plus, you can keep it for as long as you want and get a new one whenever you want, so if you decide to move elsewhere your area code can always match.

Plus, it works both ways. That means when you make an outgoing call, the recipient will only see your burner number, and they’ll never see your personal number. That makes it perfect for your business, as you can make professional calls without worrying about clients reaching you after hours from your primary phone.


If you want to get yourself a 757 area code on your primary number, you can probably do it through your mobile carrier. However, there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind when going through this method.

  • This is irreversible, meaning that you can’t go back to your old phone number once you make the change.
  • You can only decide the area code and the next three digits in some cases. Keep that in mind, as you won’t have control over deciding what you want the entire number to be.
  • Unless you set up call forwarding, your contacts won’t reach you at your old number. This means you’ll need to reach out to all of your contacts to let them know your updated information.
  • Voicemails aren’t connected to your phone – they’re connected to your phone number. Because of that, you’ll need to set up a new voicemail box with your new number.
  • Blocked numbers will not transfer from your old number to your new one. You’ll need to manually re-do your block list, which puts you at risk of getting some scam calls in the meantime.

Getting a secondary number with Burner keeps all of the voicemails and blocked numbers on your primary phone, so you don’t need to worry about backing everything up.

However, replacing your primary number with the updated area code may be beneficial if you want to make Virginia Beach your new home in the long run.

Benefits of Getting a Second Phone Number

If you want to feel like a member of a new community, you’ll want a phone number to match. And while getting a 757 area code can make you feel like you’re finally a member of the  Virginia Beach team, there are some other benefits to your second phone number.


Since 59% of people are more likely to answer a call from an area code they recognize, having a business number beginning with 757 can solidify you as a trusted neighborhood business.

Starting a business is hard as it is, but it can be especially hard when you’re coming out of state. While the bustling creative and business spaces in Virginia Beach can be helpful, you’ll still want to advertise and reach out to your client base in the most effective way.

Not to mention, getting a local area code can make customers more likely to answer the phone if you ever need to reach them about your products and services. On top of that, it can give you a sense of pride to be a part of your new community.


Scammers can access a lot about you from your phone number alone. You should never give out your personal cell number unless it’s to someone you trust. You can use your Burner number to act as a spam shield for everything else.

Spam calls and texts are on the rise, and they can put everybody at risk of cybercrimes and fraud. A secondary number provides a barrier between yourself and potentially dangerous criminal activity over the phone.


Put your work to the side by taking advantage of Burner’s Do Not Disturb feature. This allows customers and other incoming callers to access your voicemail box and leave a message. However, the call will never show up on your primary phone.

While any business owner probably lives and breathes their line of work, you still need some time to take care of yourself. This is perfect for vacations and long weekends, but you can even use it during your lunch hour to just take a moment for yourself.

In Conclusion

Getting a 757 area code can make you feel as relaxed as you would on one of Virginia’s gorgeous beaches. Not only does it give you peace of mind that customers will recognize your phone number, but it also makes you feel like you’ve officially made the place home. While you can replace your primary number with a new one through your carrier, getting a second number might be a bit easier.

Burner is an app on your smartphone that lets you get another phone number with an area code of your choosing. You can keep the number for as long as you want and swap it out for a brand new one whenever you want. It’s an effective way to secure any area code of your choosing while simultaneously working to block spam calls and texts.

Visit Buner and download the app to create your Virginia Beach phone number now.


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