707 Area Code: How To Get A Santa Rosa Area Code

707 Area Code: How To Get A Santa Rosa Area Code
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You can find the city of Santa Rosa in the Sonoma Valley, which is a little over an hour north of San Francisco. Santa Rosa isn’t your average California city. It’s far from being a sprawling metropolis in the same sense as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego.

About Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa has struck a unique balance of being a major city with a small-town charm. There is a wide variety of family activities, art, entertainment, food, and natural beauty to experience in Santa Rosa.

The natural beauty of Santa Rosa is unmatched and has a little bit of everything. The ancient Redwood forests are world-famous for their unique beauty and offer a variety of outdoor adventures.

The rolling hills provide excellent hiking trails and create a luscious assortment of wildflowers in the valley. The beaches near Bodega Bay can give you the same benefits as southern California beaches without the large crowds.


The downtown area of Santa Rosa has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Santa Rosa is known as “the city where wine country meets beer city,” so there are many wineries and breweries. In fact, you can find more than 495 wineries and 12 breweries in the greater Santa Rosa area.

The art scene of Santa Rosa is unbeatable as the South A Street District hosts more than 40 active art studios alone. You can easily find artistic events being held at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts and the Transcendence Theatre Company. The Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Farmers’ Market is a weekly event that includes fresh produce for sale along with handmade crafts and live entertainment.

What’s more, is that Santa Rosa has an incredible climate that allows people to enjoy the city year-round. The temperature in Santa Rosa rarely drops below 30 degrees in the winter or passes 90 in the summer. The combination of all the above factors has helped Santa Rosa expand into a popular destination vacation.

Having a 707 area code can help your business to join in on the economic prosperity of Santa Rosa and the surrounding area.

What Region Is Serviced by Area Code 707?

You can find area code 707 along the northwestern parts of California. The region starts just north of San Francisco and runs along the California coastline up to the southern Oregon border.

The 415 area code originally served this region until the San Francisco population boom created an overlay.  As a result, the 707 area code was created and put into service on January 1, 1959.

Eight counties use the 707 area code, including:

  • Sonoma
  • Solano
  • Napa
  • Humboldt

Santa Rosa has more than 175,000 people and is the largest city that uses a 707 area code. Vallejo, Fairfield, and Vacaville are other larger cities that use 707 and boast more than 90,000 people.

How Can You Get a 707 Area Code?

  1. Download the Burner app
  2. Contact your phone service provider
  3. Buy a new phone in Santa Rosa

Getting a 707 area code isn’t very hard, and you’ll have a few ways to do it. The biggest difference between your options is overall convenience and if they provide any benefits. These are the easiest ways to get a 707 area code:


Burner is a third-party app that will provide you with a second phone number when you sign up. The first part of the process is to select a specific area code. After you enter 707, Burner will randomly generate the next seven digits.

Any calls or messages made to this new number will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your phone. You won’t need to use an extra phone or make any changes to your monthly service plan. Having a second phone number comes with a few more unique benefits, but more on those later.


It’s common for people to change their area code whenever they move to a new city. Most cell phone providers know this and allow you to change your area code for free. The exact details might vary based on your provider, but it will largely follow a similar process. Contact your phone service provider, request a new area code, and follow any additional required steps.

While this option is fairly simple, it also comes with a potentially major drawback. Switching your area code will almost certainly mean that you’ll need an entirely new phone number. Some service providers offer a call forwarding feature for free, but others will charge a toll for every transfer.

In order to avoid any charges, you would need to go through your contact list and inform them of your new number. You would also need to create a new voicemail account and blocked numbers list. Both of these features are tied to your phone number and not your account or physical device.


Area codes are assigned based on where the phone is purchased. That’s how you received your current area code. Traveling to Santa Rosa and buying a new phone would give you a 707 area code. The problem is that you’ll need to shell out the money for another phone and add it to your monthly plan.

Even if you decide to go for a cheaper prepaid option, you’ll still need to manage your monthly minutes and carry around an extra phone. The costs of travel, a new phone, and service fees will be expensive. It’s a lot of unnecessary money and effort just to get a different area code.

Why Should You Get a Second Phone Number?

  • Privacy protection
  • Work-life balance

Downloading Burner is the most convenient option for getting a 707 area code. But convenience is far from the only upside of having a second phone number. These are a few of the unique benefits that are only possible with downloading Burner:


It’s important to protect your personal data from hackers and spammers as best as you can. Using the Burner app will help keep your personal information much safer than simply changing your phone number or buying a new phone.

Remember that all incoming calls made to your second phone number will be rerouted through Burner first. The callers on the other end of the line won’t know your personal phone number that is tied to your private information.

The extra layer of separation works both ways too. When you use Burner, your outgoing calls and messages will be rerouted and sent through your second number. The recipients will only see your second phone number on their caller ID.


Running a business can often be a 24/7 responsibility. It can be pretty challenging trying to balance your personal and professional lives. With Burner, you’ll have access to the Do Not Disturb feature. Enabling the feature will let you silence all calls and messages made to your second phone number.

You’ll be able to use your phone on nights, weekends, and vacations without constantly experiencing work-related interruptions. Calls will be transferred to your voicemail, and messages will be paused. Disable the feature when it comes time to get back to work, and all missed messages will be transferred.

The Takeaway

The 707 area code services the northwestern coastal region of California. Santa Rosa is the biggest city that uses this area code and has a lot to offer for visitors and businesses alike.

There are a few ways to get a 707 area code, but no option is better than Burner. Not only will you get a 707 area code, but you’ll also enjoy the unique benefits that come with having a second phone number.

Download and install the Burner app today to start your free seven-day trial.


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