618 Area Code: How To Get an Illinois Area Code

618 Area Code: How To Get an Illinois Area Code
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There are a ton of small towns in southern Illinois that use the 618 area code. 

While there aren’t any major cities in the area, there are more than a million residents. The most populated city is Belleville, with a population of just under 40,000. That goes to show you just how big of an area that 618 covers.  

About Southern Illinois

  • This area has a rich history
  • The location is convenient

The History of Southern Illinois

The southern Illinois area is known locally as “Little Egypt” and has a rich history. Setters from all around the world found their way to the area in the 1800s. Agriculture was the primary industry in the area, as tobacco and cotton farms could be found all over. Eventually, the rise of coal mining took over and became the dominant business in the late early 1900s. 

Southern Illinois is an Ideal Location for a City

In modern times, one of the strongest features of southern Illinois is its geographical location. St Louis, Memphis, and Nashville are all just a short drive away. This means that the area can be a very lucrative base of operations for any business. The problem is that most people won’t answer a phone call with an unfamiliar area code for fear that it might be a scam.

It’s pretty hard to establish roots in a community when no one will answer your phone calls. You can help cement your place in southern Illinois by getting a number with the local 618 area code.

Where is Area Code 618 Located?

There are dozens of towns, cities, and communities that use the 618 area code. These are a few of the largest ones:

  • Belleville
  • Granite City
  • O’Fallon
  • Alton
  • East St. Louis
  • Carbondale
  • Collinsville
  • Edwardsville

When Was the 618 Area Code Created?

The 618 area code services the bottom half of Illinois and was one of the original 86 area codes created in 1947. There are 39 different counties that use the 618 area code, with the two largest being St. Clair and Madison. The combined population of these two counties alone is more than half of a million people. 

How Do You Get a 618 Area Code?

  • Use the Burner App
  • Talk with your phone service provider
  • Buy a phone in Illinois

There are quite a few ways that you can get a phone number with a 618 area code. All of them are pretty simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, there is one option that is clearly better than the others.  

Use the Burner App

Burner is an app for both Android and iPhone that will give you access to a second phone number.

After you download it, you’ll be given the chance to choose a specific area code. The last seven digits will then be randomly generated, and the setup will be complete. That’s all that it takes.

You’ll now have the ability to receive calls and texts that are sent to the new number. You don’t need another device, and you won’t have to make any changes to your monthly service plan.

It might sound difficult trying to manage two phone numbers, but it’s actually very easy. The calls or texts sent to your second number are rerouted to Burner and then transferred to your cell phone. There are quite a few benefits of using a second number, but more on those later. 

Talk With Your Phone Service Provider

It’s not uncommon for people to change their phone numbers multiple times throughout their lives. It’s so common that most phone service providers will let you do it for free.

The exact details might be a little different based on your phone carrier, but the process should essentially be the same. Contact your phone service providers, request a 618 area code, and you should have a new number in a few minutes.

The problem is that you’ll permanently lose access to your current number. That means that you’ll need to update your personal information for all your accounts and inform everyone on your contacts list.

Another hassle is that voicemails and blocked number lists are linked to numbers and not phones. You’ll need to set up a new voicemail account and create another blocked number list. 

Buy a New Phone in Southern Illinois

Area codes are assigned based on where a phone is bought and set up. So if you buy a phone in southern Illinois then it should come with a 618 area code. While that sounds simple enough, there are a few drawbacks that come with this option.

The main issue is that you’re going to have to spend money on traveling and buying a new phone. These two costs are enough to make this the most expensive option on this list. That’s before you even factor in the extra costs on your monthly service plan.

Opting for a prepaid, disposable phone can cut down on some of these costs. You’d just have to be very careful with managing your minutes. You’d also have to carry around an extra phone. That sure is a lot of extra effort and money just to get a 618 area code. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Burner?

  • Privacy protection
  • Multiple numbers
  • Do Not Disturb feature

It should be pretty clear that Burner is the best overall option of the three. There are just too many drawbacks with the others to make them worth it. Having a second phone number might sound a little weird, but there are several benefits that come with it. 

The Burner App Provides Privacy Protection

The single best benefit to having a second phone number is the extra privacy protection. There are countless cyber criminals out there trying to get your personal information. Having a second number will create an extra barrier between them and your private data.

You’ll have the ability to screen any calls made to your second number before they’re transferred through. This feature is especially beneficial if you ever accidentally answer a spam call. There isn’t any personal information tied to your Burner number, so there won’t be any harm done. You can simply “burn” the number and get a new one.

You Can Create Multiple Numbers with the Burner App

When you use Burner, you can create as many numbers as you need. Trying to run a business through your personal phone will usually require a few open lines of communication. 

You’ll be able to create as many numbers as you want with whatever area code that you need. You can keep these numbers for as long as you need and then drop them whenever you want. 

The Burner App Has a Do Not Disturb Feature

The line between your work life and personal life can basically disappear when you run a business with your cell phone. Burner can help you to re-establish this line so you can take back your nights and weekends.

All that you’ll need to do is enable the Do Not Disturb feature. Any calls or texts heading to your second phone number will be withheld, and the notifications will be silenced. When it comes time to get back to work, disable the feature, and all the voicemails and texts will be transferred in.

What To Do Next

There are a few different ways that you can get a 618 area code, but Burner is easily the best one. 

Changing your phone number will create new problems, and buying a second phone is wildly impractical. That’s not even taking into account all of the additional features that Burner can provide.

The privacy protection alone makes Burner worth it, as you can never be too careful with your personal data. The choice becomes even more clear when you add in the ability to create multiple numbers and the Do Not Disturb feature.

Visit Burner today so you can download the app and start your free seven-day trial. You’ll be able to quickly get a 618 area code and experience all of the unique benefits that come with it. 


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