434 Area Code: How To Get A Lynchburg Area Code

434 Area Code: How To Get A Lynchburg Area Code
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If you’re a history buff trying to find a quiet, peaceful place to settle down, then Lynchburg, Virginia is the place for you to be. Surrounded by seven different hills and filled with arboretums and interactive museums, there’s no shortage of sights to see and knowledge to soak in.

Lynchburg is an ever-growing town that’s home to nearly 80,000, and you can join in on the action by launching your business from the ground up. But in order to feel like a true member of the Lynchburg crowd, you’ll want to get an area code to match.

Getting a 434 area code is one of the easiest ways to enhance your credibility and reach new customers. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a Lynchburg area code easily and effectively.

Where Does a 434 Area Code Include?

If you have a 434 area code, Lynchburg isn’t the only town that you can feel like you’re a part of. A 434 area code also includes the southern city of Danville, so you can even reach new customers there.

Move a little west or north to towns like Roanoke or Harrisonburg to get yourself a 540 area code. Richmond, Virginia, uses an 804 area code, whereas Alexandria and Winchester will use either a 703 or 541 code.

The good news is that you can change your area codes easily with a second Burner number. Here’s how you can use the Burner app to get yourself a 434 area code.

How to Get a 434 Area Code

Getting a 434 area code is simple, and there are a few different ways to get one. With that said, one of the easiest and most efficient is by getting a second number with an app like Burner.

The Burner app gives you a second number that reroutes calls and texts to your primary number. You can input your preferred area code and receive a new number that incorporates the code when you sign up. So if you want a 434 area code for your business or just for personal reasons, you can get one without needing to ditch your primary cell.

It also helps protect your privacy. When an incoming call tries to reach you, the caller will only see your secondary number – never your primary. Then, you get full control over whether or not you want to let the call through.

Plus, it works both ways. That means when you make an outgoing call, the person on the other end will only see your Burner number. They’ll never know your number, making it perfect for making professional business calls without needing to worry about clients reaching you after hours.

But if you’re thinking about living in Lynchburg for the foreseeable future, it might make more sense for you just to switch over your primary number. Here’s how you can do that.


If you want to get yourself a 424 area code on your primary number, you can probably do it through your mobile carrier. With that said, there are a few caveats that you may want to keep in mind.

  • You can only change the area code, meaning that the last seven digits will be random. Some carriers allow you to choose the next three digits, but you do not control the entire number.
  • Voicemails link to specific numbers – not your phone. You’ll need to devote some time to setting up your voicemail box on your new number.
  • In the same way as voicemails, you lose your blocked numbers when you swap over to a new number. Once you get your new primary cell, you’ll need to re-enter the people on your do not call list.
  • Your old contacts won’t reach you at your old number anymore. You’ll need to reach out to all of your old contacts to let them know the best way to reach you now.
  • This is a one-and-done deal. Once you swap your primary number for a new one, you’ll never be able to get the old one back.

If that seems like a lot of work, you can avoid it by getting a second number with Burner. This keeps all of the voicemails and blocked numbers on your primary phone, so you don’t need to worry about backing everything up. Plus, you get to keep your original phone number, so you don’t need to worry about losing any of your contacts.

Benefits of Getting a Second Phone Number

Getting a second phone number with a 434 area code not only allows you to feel like you’re a true member of the Lynchburg crowd, but it also comes with a slew of other benefits as well. Here are some of the most notable.

Keep Your Private Information Safe

Scammers and hackers can learn a lot about you from just your phone number alone. And considering that cybercrimes are on the rise, it’s important to be vigilant when giving out your personal phone number to people you don’t know.

Cybercrimes put your personal information like banking accounts and social security numbers at risk of being compromised. But getting a second number puts a barrier between you and strangers to reduce the risk of these types of attacks.

You should never give out your personal cell number unless it’s to someone you trust. For everything else, there’s Burner.

Date Safely

Moving to a new city also means that you have a fresh pool of fish in the sea. And while online dating apps are a great way to meet new people, they can also be the source of stress and anxiety if you’re not too careful. In fact, 26% of Americans have had more negative experiences with dating apps than positive. But Burner might be able to change that.

The moment you step outside of the boundaries of your dating app, you’re no longer protected by the application’s safety features. And if you’re using your primary number to call or text that potential match, you’re putting your privacy at risk.

Unless you use a second number to keep your primary number concealed, you’ll still be able to call or text in the same way from your Burner number, the only catch is that they’ll never find out what your true cell actually is. It’s safe, easy, and convenient.

What To Do Next

Visit Burner now to download the app and create your Lynchburg, VA phone number. Getting a 434 area code is the perfect way to feel like a true Lynchburg. It’s also the ideal way to protect your private phone number while connecting with potential new clients or dating around safely.

And getting one is easy. Burner is an app on your smartphone that lets you get a secondary phone number with an area code of your choosing.

You can keep the number for as long as you want and swap it out for a brand new one whenever you want as well. Or, if you’re okay with needing to reinstate your contacts, blocked callers, and voicemails – you can change your primary phone number to reflect your new area code by going through your mobile carrier.


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