248 Area Code: How To Get an Oakland County Area Code

248 Area Code: How To Get an Oakland County Area Code
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The area surrounding Detroit rarely gets the credit and accolades that it deserves. While Oakland County has been thriving alongside Detroit for decades, it’s only received a fraction of the acclaim.

The truth is that Oakland County provides the same level of economic opportunities as Detroit. Based on the last few decades, it actually might even be more lucrative than Detroit. 

About Oakland County

Oakland County was founded in 1819 and has been steadily growing ever since. The 62 cities, townships, and villages that form Oakland County now have a combined population of more than 1.2 million people

It’s hard to separate the history of Oakland County from nearby Detroit as the two are closely linked. The 1950s saw Detroit becoming one of the richest areas in the United States. As a suburb of Detroit, Oakland County reaped the benefits and was the fourth richest county in the U.S. for a time. 

Oakland County might not be as well off in modern times, but it’s still doing very well. The corporate headquarters of General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge, Penske, Plymouth, and Hungry Howe’s Pizza are all in Oakland County. It’s easy to see why Oakland County boasts the highest personal income per capita of any county in Michigan. 

What Region Does Area Code 248 Service?

The 248 area code is located in the western parts of central Michigan with Detroit to the south and Flint to the north. There are two counties (Oakland and Livingston) that use the 248 area code and 41 cities including:

  • Troy
  • Farmington Hills
  • Southfield
  • Rochester Hills
  • Pontiac
  • Royal Oak 
  • Novi
  • Milford
  • Northville
  • Oak Park

The region was originally serviced by the 810 area code. It wasn’t until May 10, 1997, that the 248 area code was first put into service. In 2002, the 947 area code was created as a potential overlay for 248.  

How Do You Get a 248 Area Code?

  • Download Burner
  • Talk With Your Phone Service Provider
  • Buy a Phone in Oakland County

It’s not particularly difficult to get a phone number that has a 248 area code. In fact, there are quite a few ways that you can go about it. Even though you have several options, it will become pretty clear that one of them is superior.

Download Burner

The Burner app will provide you with a second phone number that has an area code of your choosing. All you have to do is download it, type in 248, and create an account. It’s literally just that simple.

It’s virtually impossible to find any inconvenience with using Burner. The app is available for both Android and iPhone, you won’t need to get a new phone, and there won’t be any changes to your service plan. These features are enough to make it the best option on this list, but the best about Burner is yet to come. 

Talk With Your Phone Service Provider

There are tons of reasons that people change their phone numbers and area codes. As a result, the process is a pretty simple and straightforward one. All that you’ll need to do is call up your phone service provider and request a new number with a 248 area code. Pretty much all of the main service providers will change your number for no additional fee.

It should only take you a few minutes to complete the process, but that’s only the beginning. The next thing that you’ll need to do is inform everyone on the contact list of your new number.

After that, you’ll need to update your phone number for any personal records or account information. Finally, you’ll have to set up a brand new voicemail account and create a new blocked number list. It wasn't long before this simple option became quite complicated.

Buy a Phone in Oakland County

Area codes aren’t assigned at random. They’re assigned based on where the phone is purchased and where it’s set up. That’s how your current area code was assigned to your phone number. Traveling to Oakland County, buying a phone, and setting it up there can get you a 248 area code. It will also get you a handful of problems.

For starters, buying a new phone isn’t cheap and neither is traveling. You’re going to be a few hundred dollars down before you even get your new number. Another issue is that you’re going to have to add your new phone to your current plan. That means that your phone bill will at least double every month.

As if all of those issues weren’t bad enough, now you’ll have to carry two phones with you at all times! That sure is a lot of extra money and effort just to get a 248 area code.  

Why Is It a Good Idea To Have a Burner Number?

  • Privacy Protection
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Add More Phone Lines

You can probably see which option is the best one by now. Using the Burner app isn’t just the easiest way to get a 248 area code; it also comes with the least amount of downsides. In fact, using Burner will provide you with a few unique benefits that only come with having a second number, including:

Privacy Protection

The main benefit of having a Burner number is the additional privacy protection. There are countless hackers, spammers, and telemarketers out there working day and night to get your personal data. The Burner app will keep you one step ahead of them.

The way it works is actually fairly simple. Any incoming calls or messages sent to your second number will be rerouted to Burner. You’ll have the opportunity to screen them and choose whether to transfer them in or not. Even if you accidentally accept a spam call, there’s no personal information linked to your Burner number. You can “burn” the number, get a new one, and your information will be secured the entire time.

The additional layer of security will also work the other way too. You can use the Burner app to disguise any outgoing calls or texts. The recipient will only see your Burner number and have no idea that it’s not your real number. 

Work-Life Balance

One of the hardest parts about operating a business is trying to balance your work life and home life. The Burner app gives you a way to take back your personal time by providing the Do Not Disturb feature.

Enabling the feature will prevent any calls or messages from being transferred. You’ll be able to use your phone like normal and take back your nights, weekends, and lunch hours. When it’s time to get back to work, simply disable the feature, and all the notifications, voicemails, and messages will be there waiting for you. 

Add More Lines

If you’re looking for a way to get a number with a specific area code, then chances are that you might need more than one. Burner has you covered because you can create as many numbers with different area codes as you need.

Imagine trying to juggle between a dozen different cell phones that have a dozen different area codes. You can simply use your current phone and have access to a dozen different numbers instead. 

What To Do Next

There are several different ways for you to get a 248 area code, but it’s easy to see which one is best. Changing your number and buying a new phone can get you a 248 area code. However, you’ll end up creating even more problems and miss out on all of the benefits of using Burner.

Visit Burner today and see why it’s the best option for you. You’ll be able to download the app, start your free trial, and experience all the benefits firsthand. 


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