424 Area Code: How to Get an LA Area Code

424 Area Code: How to Get an LA Area Code
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There aren’t many places where you can go surfing at 9 AM and still make it to a movie set by lunch, but Los Angeles, CA is the land of dreams and possibilities. From world-renowned cuisine to beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder why the most populous county in the country is home to over 10 million residents.

If you’re moving to LA to get started on your career in entertainment, or if you’re planning on starting a business of your own, you may want to get a 424 area code so that you can fit right in. And the good news is that it’s much easier than you might think.

If you’re looking to get an LA area code, or an area code for any city or county across the country, here’s how you can get the job done.

Where Does a 424 Area Code Include?

The 424 area code encompasses a portion of Los Angeles County, particularly in the coastal regions like West Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

If you move out to LA, you may find that some of your new neighbors have a 310 area code. This is another major area code in Los Angeles that encompasses Malibu and extends along the coast between South Bay and Ventura County.

How to Get a 424 Area Code

Getting a 424 area code is simple, and there are a few different ways to go about getting one. With that said, one of the easiest and most efficient is by getting a second number with an app like Burner.

The Burner app provides a second number that reroutes calls and texts to your primary number. When you sign up for your burner number, you can input your preferred area code and receive a new number that incorporates the code. So if you want to get a second number for personal or business purposes that use a 424 area code, you can do it easily.

The second burner number acts as a barrier between you and your personal information. When an incoming call tries to reach you, the caller will only see your secondary number – never your primary. And it’s your choice whether or not to let incoming calls through, which means you can fight back against frustrating scams and spam phone calls.

Plus, it works both ways. That means when you make an outgoing call, the recipient will only see your burner number, and they’ll never know your personal one. That makes it perfect for your business, as you can make professional calls without worrying about clients reaching you after hours from your primary phone.


If you want to get yourself a 424 area code on your primary number, you can probably do it through your mobile carrier. With that said, there are a few caveats that you may want to keep in mind.

  • You can only change the area code, so the remaining seven digits are random. Some carriers allow you to choose the next three digits, but you do not control the entire number.
  • This is irreversible, meaning you cannot return to your original number once you change it.
  • Voicemails link to specific numbers – not your phone. You’ll need to set up a new voicemail box for your new number with that in mind.
  • Blocked numbers and individuals on your allow list will not be saved with your new number. This means you may receive spam or scam calls from those you had previously blocked with your old number.
  • Your old contacts won’t be able to reach you at your old number, so you’ll have to reach out to everyone and let them know that your contact information has been updated.

Getting a secondary number with Burner keeps all of the voicemails and blocked numbers on your primary phone, so you don’t need to worry about backing everything up.

However, replacing your primary number with an updated area code may be a good idea if you’re considering making LA county your new home for the long term.

Benefits of Getting a Second Phone Number

Getting a second phone number with a 424 area code not only allows you to feel like you’re a true Angelino, but it also provides you with a vast number of benefits to your privacy and productivity.


Spam calls and texts are on the rise, and they can put everybody at risk of cyber fraud. Getting a secondary number puts a barrier between a stranger and your personal number so that you can reduce the risk of leaking some of your private information.

Scammers can access a lot about you from your phone number alone. You should never give out your personal cell number unless it’s to someone you trust. You can use your Burner number to act as a spam shield for everything else.


Starting a business is hard as it is, but it can be especially hard when you’re coming out of state. To reach new customers, you first need to make sure they answer the phone. And 59% of customers say they are more likely to answer a phone call when it originates from an area code they recognize.

Getting an L.A.-based area code for your L.A.-based business can help solidify you as a local business that’s trusted and respected. Plus, it can help ensure that more people answer the phone if you ever need to contact a client about their order or services.


Everyone deserves a well-earned vacation, and taking a trip out of the country is the perfect way to enrich yourself with new experiences. However, roaming charges when you make a call or text can put a damper on your bank account and your mood.

However, you can use a local SIM card with your secondary number to stay connected without worrying about constant roaming charges. If you’re connected to your data, you can text and call as much as you want. But when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, your Burner number will work through that instead.

In Conclusion

Getting a 424 area code is the perfect way to finally feel like one of the stars on the walk of fame. It’s also the ideal way to protect your private phone number while connecting with potential new clients.

And getting one is easy. Burner is an app on your smartphone that lets you get a secondary phone number with an area code of your choosing.

You can keep the number for as long as you want and swap it out for a brand new one whenever you want as well. Or, you can change your primary phone number to reflect your new area code by going through your mobile carrier.

Visit Burner now to download the app and create your LA-county phone number.


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