361 Area Code: Get A Corpus Christi Area Code

361 Area Code: Get A Corpus Christi Area Code
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If you’re looking for wakeboarding, sailing, and kite flying, or if you’re just looking to live in one of the most beautiful bayside cities in the country, then Corpus Christi, Texas, might be the perfect place for you.

All these reasons and more help explain why this bayside city is home to over 317,000 happy citizens. And you can really start to feel like part of the family by getting a 361 area code to match.

The good news is that getting a new area code doesn’t take much effort at all. In fact, you’ll be able to hold onto your original phone number without needing to replace your original one. Learn how to do this easily and efficiently with Burner.

Where Does a 361 Area Code Include?

If you get a 361 area code, you won’t just be representing the city of Corpus Christi. You’ll also be encompassing some other major southern Texas cities, like Victoria. But if you move just a little bit north into San Antonio, you’ll be able to use a 210 or 726 area code.

If you travel to other parts of Texas like El Paso, you’ll need to get a 915 area code, and for Austin, you can secure yourself a 512 or 737 code to fit right in.

How to Get a 361 Area Code

Getting a 361 area code is simple, and there are two main ways for you to get one. With that said, one of the easiest and most efficient ways is by getting a second number with an app like Burner.

The Burner app gives you a second number that reroutes calls and texts to your primary number. You can input your preferred area code and get a new number that incorporates that area code.

The second number doesn’t just give you access to the area code of your choosing, but it also  acts as a barrier between you and your personal information. Whenever someone else gives you a call, they won’t be able to see your personal number – only our Burner number. You can then have full control over whether or not you want to let the call through. It’s an easy and efficient way to block spam and scam to protect your privacy.

Not to mention, it works both ways. So if you make an outgoing call, the person on the other end will only be able to see your Burner number. Since they’ll never see your real number unless you choose to send it through, you won’t need to worry about anyone reaching you after hours and interrupting your work/life balance.

Finally, you can burn your Burner number for a new one whenever you want. That means you can swap out your current 361 area code for a different one if you move about Texas or even across state lines.


If you want to get yourself a 361 area code on your primary number, you can probably do it through your mobile carrier. However, there are some important things to know:

  • You can only change the area code – not the entire number. So the remaining seven digits will be random.
  • This is an irreversible change, so you’ll lose your original number. This also means your old contacts won’t be able to reach you unless you give them your new number, so be sure to keep them updated.
  • Blocked numbers and people on your allow list will not be saved with your new number. This means you might receive spam or scam calls from those you had previously blocked on your old one.
  • Voicemails are linked to specific numbers, not your phone. With that in mind, you’ll need to devote some time to setting up your voicemail box on your new number.

A major benefit of getting a second number through Burner is that it keeps all of your voicemails and blocked numbers on your primary phone number, so you don’t need to worry about getting a backup. Plus, it retains your original phone number, so you don’t need to update all of your contacts.

Even though a Burner number is typically more convenient than changing your primary one, it might be a good idea to update your primary number if you’re thinking about making Quebec your permanent home.

Benefits of Getting a Second Number

Getting a second phone number with the 361 area code not only allows you to feel like you’re a true Corpus Christi citizen but also provides you with many benefits to your privacy and productivity.


Starting a new business anywhere can be challenging, but it can be especially tough when you’re starting fresh in a new state. One of the easiest ways to reach potential leads is by calling them, but you first need to get them to answer the phone. 80% of Americans won’t answer the phone from unrecognizable numbers, so getting the right area code can make all the difference.

Increase your chances of making an impact by getting a 361 area code to cement yourself as a reputable Corpus Christi-based business. In doing so, you’ll also help ensure that customers will answer the phone when you need to reach them.


One of the greatest benefits of getting a second Burner number is its protection. Spam texts and calls are rising, and cyber crimes can put your bank account, social security number, and other private information at risk.

A second phone number acts as a barrier between your number and a stranger. This reduces the risk of leaking some of your private information, as you’ll see who’s calling before ever allowing them to see your cell.

Scammers can access a lot about you from your phone number alone. You should never give out your cell number unless it’s to someone you trust. For everything else, there’s Burner.


If you ever decide to venture out of Corpus Christie and travel across the Mexico border, you might be charged roaming fees for using your cellular data outside of the US. However, you can avoid this altogether by getting a local SIM card with your Burner phone number.

Replace your original SIM with the local SIM card and then turn your data on without fear of racking up high roaming fees. Then, you can text and call anyone from the Burner app without worrying about getting hit with unnecessary fees.

What To Do Next

Visit Burner to download the app and create your Corpus Christi phone number. Getting a 361 area code is a great way to protect your private phone number while still connecting with potential new clients – all safely and efficiently.

Plus, getting one is easy. Burner can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone, allowing you to get a second number with an area code of your choosing. Sign up today to take steps towards protecting your privacy and enhancing your productivity.


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