Burner + Zapier =
custom recipes to automate your workflow

Zapier allows you to trigger actions in other apps you use. Zapier call these "Zaps." For example, you can create a Zap that sends an email to your Gmail address when you get a new text message from Burner.

You can make simple Zaps, or complex ones that only trigger an action when you get a text from a certain person.

How to Set Up a Zap in Zapier

  1. Sign up or Log in to Zapier.
  2. Click the "Make a Zap" button at the top of your Dashboard.
  3. In the box under "Choose a Trigger App", type "webhook" and select "Webhooks by Zapier" as your Trigger.
  4. You should see an input box and then two options under "Select Webhooks by Zapier Trigger": "Retrieve Poll" and "Catch Hook". Select "Catch Hook" and then click the "Save + Continue" button.
  5. The next screen you should see is "Set up Webhooks by Zapier Hook." This is optional, and allows you to only look at specific information sent in by Burner. For example, if you only cared about the incoming phone numbers, you'd input "fromNumber". When you're finished, press the "Continue" button.
  6. You should now see "Test Webhooks by Zapier" at the top of this screen and a URL at the bottom.  The URL will look like this: https://zapier.com/hooks/catch/111111/abcdef/. Input that URL into the "Outgoing Webhook URL" field in the Burner Developer Connection section.
  7. Click "Send test request".
  8. In Zapier, click "Ok, I did this".

    Note: Zapier will say "Looking for the hook, this might take a sec...", and it may take several minutes to recognize the test request.
  9. Click the "Continue" button.
  10. Under "Choose an Action App", start typing in the name of the app you'd like to connect (for this example, we'll choose Gmail).
  11. Under "Select Gmail Action", select "Send Email" (or whatever app and action you are using) and click the "Save + Continue" button.
  12. Click the "Connect a New Account" button if your app requires authentication, go through the authentication process, and then click  the "Save + Continue" button.
  13. In our Gmail example, I would choose an Address to send email to, a Subject line, and enter something in the Body.
  14. In all the fields, you should see an icon with a plus sign. If you click this, it will show you options to insert data sent over from Burner. I will choose the Type, From Number, and Payload options to show if it's a text or phone call, who it came from, and what it contains.
  15. Click the "Continue" button.
  16. Click the "Create + Continue" button to test it, or click the "Skip Test & Continue" button.
  17. Under "Ready to turn on your Zap?" click the toggle button to turn on your Zap.