Burner + SoundCloud =
a voicemail hotline for your phone

Remember when you could call into a radio station and get on the air with the DJ? For decades it was a big thing.

There were also hotlines where you could leave apologies, or silly messages, or hear the latest track from your favorite hipster artist. And don’t even get us started on the entire 80’s-to-early-90’s genre of cornball answering-machine comedy. ("Believe it or not, George isn't home....")

As much as voicemail sometimes seems like an antiquated or inconvenient format, you can't deny it has its magical moments, whether in the form of a sweet rendition of "Happy Birthday" from a grandparent, a "Hi, Daddy" from the kids, or a late-night piece of amateur performance art from an unexpected old friend. And if you're in the music business or work with audio, voicemail can be an interesting and valuable source of creative content.

For too long, voicemail has been trapped on its own island, isolated from the rest of our communications and workflows. Now, we’re bringing back the Beep with the SoundCloud Burner Connection.

Once you set it up, any voicemail you get on Burner will be automatically turned into an mp3 file, shipped to SoundCloud, and magically converted into an audio track posted to your Soundcloud profile. You can set these tracks to be private or public by default, and, of course, you can always curate private uploads into a public playlist later.

Wanna try it out?  Just leave a message after the beep at (323) 457-5241.  And keep an eye on the track list embedded here:

With over 10 million audio creators uploading content to SoundCloud, and nearly 200 million monthly listeners, we know there's an audience out there that will find creative things to do with it.

In fact, we've already had some Burner subscribers generating real fan engagement–check out this overview of how the band Iration has been engaging with their audience using the SoundCloud Burner Connection.

To learn more about how to set up the SoundCloud Burner Connection, check out the Support Center.