Burner + IFTTT =
custom recipes to automate your workflow

IFTTT allows you to trigger actions in other apps you use. IFTTT calls these "Recipes." For example, you could create a Recipe that turns on your Phillips Hue lights when you get a new text message from Burner.

You can make simple or complex IFTTT Recipes, only triggering an action when you get a text from a certain number, for instance.

How to Set Up a Burner Recipe in IFTTT

  1. Sign up or log into your account on IFTTT.

  2. Start creating a new MAKER url by going here and clicking "Connect".

  3. You will see a URL that looks like: https://maker.ifttt.com/use/{your-key}. You'll need the key for a later step, so please make note of it.

  4. Choose a trigger by tapping the "This" button. Then search for the Maker channel.

  5. Click the "Receive a Web Request" button.

  6. Write a trigger event. For example, if you were connecting smart lights, we could write "lights" here.

  7. Click on the big "That" button and search for an action. In our example we searched for the Philips Hue action, but there are many others you could use. Click the service you want.

  8. Choose the action you want to perform when something happens on your Burner. There will most likely be a few options here. We chose "Turn On Lights."

  9. Follow any additional steps to setup your action, including any authentication.

  10. Once the action has been created, put this URL into the Outgoing Webhook field in Developer Connection:
    For example, if our trigger was "lights" and our key is "123abc" it would be:

  11. Tap the "Send Test Request" button or send the Burner a text and watch whatever action you created get triggered.

  12. If you want to do advanced processing of incoming data, IFTTT allows for 3 JSON inputs: value1, value2, and value3. We mapped our payload as such:
    value1: type of message (inboundText, inboundMedia or voiceMail)
    value2: the message text, URL of the media, or URL of the voicemail
    value3: the inbound phone number