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Business phone lines for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals


Burner's an invaluable second phone number app to use at work or for running your own business. We know there are many people who need reliable business phone numbers and communication tools, so we're expanding Burner to better serve your needs with multiline subscription plans and integrations with services like Zapier, Google and Dropbox.

Here's how to use Burner on the job.


Available Plans


1 Line Subscription

Great for getting started with a new business or side project.
$4.99/mo or $47.99/yr


3 Line Subscription

Perfect for small businesses or separating work from personal communication.
$14.99/mo or $139.99/yr



You can grab as many prepaid lines as you need using credits. Available from the main menu under "Add Credits."
Starting at $1.99

Get the App

Step 1: Download

Download the Burner app using the link on this page. Choose your number by searching your preferred area code.

Choose an area code screen

Step 2: Configure

Configure your Burner line so it's ready to use. We've included some suggestions here, but there are an infinite number of ways to make Burner work for you as your business phone line.

Connections icons

Step 3: Use Your Burner

Go forth with the peace of mind that comes with knowing we have your back. Literally. Try a trust fall. We'll catch you.


Configure Your Line

Do Not Disturb

You can turn rings off in the settings of your Burner to get some peace and quiet.

Auto-Reply to Texts

Set up an auto-reply on your new number to let people know the best place and time to reach you.

Record Your Own Voicemail

Record your own customized voicemail greeting specifically for people who call your Burner line.

App demo showing auto reply and do not disturb

Improve Your Workflow

Track Your Conversations

Keep tabs on your communication in one view with Burner. Backup contacts and messages to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sync with Your Team

Pass messages through to your team on Slack, and allow them to respond in real time.


Learn more about how to set up Google Drive, Dropbox or Slack:

Using Burner @ Work


Meet Marc, a Private Investigator, who runs different lines for different cases.


Meet Katie, a Residential Designer, who uses Burner for work/life balance.

Choose Your Number

Search for an area code