Share the love, not your number

Share the love, not your number

Your phone number is sort of big deal, so when do you give it out? Even the best in-app messaging gets to be a headache when you’re trying to get to know someone better or trying to coordinate a first date. So what do you do? Give your personal number and hope for the best?

A new study from Bandwidth found that fewer and fewer people are giving out their personal number when dating online -- probably because 58% respondents regretted having previously given out their personal phone number to someone on an online dating site. We’ve definitely been there before -- you probably have too -- and we know it feels much better to say “I’m glad I used a Burner” instead of “I wish I used a Burner.” (Iggy Azalea would probably tell you the same thing.)  


The amount of personal information potentially exposed with just your phone number may surprise you. From full name and address, to employment history and family photos. Ignoring the data exposure concerns, you can’t take it back. And once you give your number out, that’s it, so there’s no surprise more people are stopping to think about who they’re giving those 10 digits to.

Once you weed out the Felipes dating online can be awesome, and we’ve got some additional simple pre-first date tips to make the most of your first date and avoid weird situations!  

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