How To Call Italy From the US

How To Call Italy From the US

In today's interconnected world, staying in touch with Italian friends, family, or business associates is essential. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of calling Italy from the USA, ensuring flawless international communication with your Italian contacts. 

We'll briefly explore Italy's rich cultural heritage, famous for its art, history, and mouthwatering cuisine while providing you with a step-by-step breakdown of dialing Italian phone numbers. We’ll finish up by reviewing data privacy and how to protect yourself without breaking the bank.

Let's get started on connecting with the beautiful land of Italy!

Italy’s Rich Cultural Heritage and Cuisine

Let's chat about Italy before we get into the specifics of how to call someone living there. Italy is famous for having a rich cultural heritage, reflecting its influential role in shaping the course of art, architecture, and cuisine throughout history.

Italy's vibrant cities and picturesque countryside have inspired countless artists and writers, making it a hub of creative expression. Few countries can boast the same natural beauty as Italy. 

Not only is there natural beauty in Italy, but the country’s man-made creations are equally as iconic. The country is home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, including the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the breathtaking art of the Sistine Chapel. 

Perhaps even more impressive is the food that originates from Italy. Italian cuisine is world-renowned for its delectable flavors, fresh ingredients, and culinary artistry. From classic pasta dishes like spaghetti carbonara and lasagna to deliciously cheesy pizzas, Italian food offers something for every palate. Don't forget to indulge in mouthwatering desserts like tiramisu or gelato, perfectly showcasing Italy's passion for food and tradition.

How To Call Italy From the US

When calling Italy from the USA, review these several essential dialing components: 

  1. Dial the US exit code (011). This is the international access code used when making phone calls from the United States.
  2. Enter Italy's country code (39) to direct your call to the Italian phone network.
  3. Input the Italian area code, which is specific to the region or city you're calling. Italian area codes can vary in length, usually comprising one to four digits.
  4. Finally, dial the local Italian landline or mobile number. Italian landline numbers typically begin with a "0," while mobile numbers usually start with "3."

By following the correct dialing procedure and using the appropriate city codes, you can easily connect with your Italian contacts and enjoy smooth, long-distance conversations. Note that calling rates differ depending on whether you're dialing a landline or cell phone, so be aware of your phone plan's international dialing charges.

A Guide To Italian Area Codes

Italy's area codes are unique to each city or region and range from one to four digits. The list of Italian area codes is long, but here are the area codes for some of the country's most famous cities:

  • Rome, Italy's capital and the heart of ancient history, has area codes 06 and 0774.
  • Milan, a global fashion and design hub, uses area code 02.
  • Florence, renowned for its art and architecture, has an area code of 055.
  • Venice, the enchanting city of canals, uses area codes 041 and 0421.
  • Naples, famous for its vibrant street life and delicious pizza, has an area code of 081.

If you’re looking for a different area code, then you can do a search online or review this list for the one you need: 

  • Agrigento: 0922 and 0925
  • Asti: 0141
  • Avellino: 0825
  • Bari: 080
  • Benevento: 0824
  • Bergamo: 035, 0346, and 0363
  • Biella: 015
  • Bologna: 051
  • Bolzano/Bozen: 0471
  • Brescia: 030, 0364, and 0365
  • Caltanissetta: 0933
  • Florence: 055
  • Foggia: 0881, 0882, and 0884
  • Messina: 090
  • Milan: 02
  • Modena: 059
  • Naples: 081
  • Novara: 0321 and 0322
  • Pisa: 050
  • Potenza: 0975
  • Prato: 0574
  • Rome: 06 and 0774
  • Rovigo: 0425 and 0426
  • Sondrio: 0342 and 0343
  • Verona: 045
  • Vibo Valentia: 0963
  • Vicenza: 0424, 0444, and 0445

4 Tips for Planning Your Calls

Calling Italy isn’t going to be cheap, as international calls can get pricey in no time (more on that in a minute). Even calling Mexico from the US will cost you some extra money, and it’s a neighboring country. 

Luckily, keeping an eye on that phone budget is fairly simple. For example:

Account for Time Zone Differences

When calling Italy, it's crucial to account for time zone differences. Italy is typically six to nine hours ahead of the US, depending on your specific US time zone. Plan your calls during appropriate hours, showing respect for your contact's time and increasing the likelihood of a successful connection.

Respect the Local Culture

When calling Italy, being mindful of cultural norms can facilitate smoother conversations. Italians appreciate punctuality, so calling at the agreed-upon time will help make a good impression. Maintain a polite and respectful tone, and address people formally (using "Signore" or "Signora" followed by their last name) until invited to use their first name.

Use Basic Italian Phrases

It's helpful to know some basic Italian phrases for phone conversations. Start by learning simple greetings like "Ciao" (hello/goodbye), "Buongiorno" (good morning), and "Buonasera" (good evening). Familiarize yourself with common courtesy expressions like "Per favore" (please), "Grazie" (thank you), and "Mi dispiace" (I'm sorry).

Stay Patient and Speak Clearly

To ensure clear communication, speak slowly and distinctly, and be prepared to repeat or rephrase if necessary. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification or assistance if you're having trouble understanding the conversation.

3 Cost-Effective Solutions for Calling Italy

Here are a few options that might help save you from running up a bank-breaking bill when you call Italy:

VoIP Platforms

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber provide affordable alternatives to traditional international calling. These platforms use your internet connection or Wi-Fi to make calls, so you can reach your Italian contacts without worrying about high calling costs.

VoIP services offer numerous benefits, such as low-cost or free calls, video calling capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. However, they also have some drawbacks, including reliance on stable internet connections, potential call quality issues, and privacy concerns.

International Calling Cards

International calling cards can be a cost-effective solution for calling Italy. When selecting a calling card, consider factors like connection fees, per-minute rates, and expiration dates. Opt for cards with transparent pricing structures, no hidden fees, and positive customer reviews. Read the fine print carefully and ensure the card you choose is compatible with both Italian landlines and mobile phones.

Mobile and Landline Carrier International Plans

Many phone carriers offer international calling plans that can help you save money when calling Italy. For instance, T-Mobile's Magenta plan includes unlimited calling to Italian landlines and mobile phones, while Verizon's International Long Distance Value Plan offers discounted per-minute rates for calls to Italy. 

When comparing carrier-specific plans, evaluate factors like monthly fees, per-minute rates, and included services (such as texting or data usage). Choose a plan that best suits your calling needs and budget to get the most value for your money.

3 Ways To Diversify Communication With Italian Contacts

You’re not limited to using phone calls to communicate with your Italian contacts. As long as you take steps to protect your data online, there are several different ways that you can talk with them that might be more convenient and cost-effective, including: 

Text and Email

Text and email are convenient alternatives to staying connected with your Italian contacts without making a phone call. Email provides the advantage of crafting thoughtful and detailed messages, while text offers a quick and efficient way to share updates or ask questions. Many messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Telegram, support international texting at no additional cost.

Video Calls and Online Conferencing

Services like Zoom or Google Meet enable you to conduct video calls or conferences with multiple participants, offering a more interactive experience. Video calls not only facilitate real-time conversations but also provide the added benefit of visual cues, making your interactions feel more personal and engaging.

Social Media 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn allow you to stay in touch, share updates, and engage with your Italian contacts through posts, comments, and direct messages. Social media provides a less formal way to maintain connections, celebrate milestones, and share glimpses of your daily life.


Successfully calling Italy involves understanding the correct dialing procedure, factoring in time zone differences, and learning basic Italian phrases for smooth communication. It’s also a good idea to explore cost-effective options like VoIP platforms, international calling cards, and carrier-specific plans that can help you save money on international calls. 

On the other hand, it might be worth using email, video calls, or social media instead to stay in touch. Diversifying your communication methods and staying informed about the best practices for calling Italy will help you foster stronger relationships and save some money in the process.

While Burner helps protect your identity and private information within the US, it is not currently available for making international calls. However, as you explore alternative communication methods and platforms, you can still prioritize privacy and security. 

Keep an eye on Burner's updates, as they may expand their offerings to include international calling capabilities. Until then, stay safe while making your calls to the “molto bello” country of Italy!


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