917 Area Code vs. 213 Area Code: How to Choose the Right Area Code for a Work Phone

917 Area Code vs. 213 Area Code: How to Choose the Right Area Code for a Work Phone

Where is the 917 area code from? Ask a New Yorker that and they’ll likely go off on a rant about the romanticism and allure of having a 917 area code. It serves all five boroughs of New York City, and yes, it’s important. The 212 area code conjures images of a high-rise in Manhattan. You know, a very professional business call.

And, the same goes for those Los Angeles area codes, too. Do you secretly prefer to pick up a call from a 310 number over a number with a 213 area code? It’s okay if you do; it’s one of the most sought-after area codes in the country (although Valley dwellers will take their 818 area code to the grave with them).

But, really, what does it matter? Are area codes even that important? In business, they can be! Choosing the right area code for your work phone, especially as a small business owner or independent contractor, can make or break your business efforts.

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What’s the Big Deal with Area Codes?

As one San Francisco business owner once said, the 415 area code is immediately recognized as being a number from the epicenter of the startup universe in some industries. Silicon Valley’s 650 area code holds the same weight and power. And, companies with these area codes have somewhat of an increased legitimacy.

While you might not care about your personal phone’s area code, making calls from an unknown area code in the middle of Idaho or Kentucky might look at little random if you’re trying to set up a business meeting with a high-powered executive or make sales calls to New York City contacts.

Oftentimes, the right area code can also convey a sense of local trust. If your business or freelance gig caters to those in your local community, having a local area code they know and trust can be a small yet crucial part in further getting them to buy into your brand.

This can be especially important if you are a freelancer or sell services and items online. Sure, you might think, “what does it matter if I’m just selling art online or providing teletherapy to clients?” If they’re local, they’ll want to receive calls from a number they know and trust.

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Choosing the Right Area Code

Not sure which area code to choose for your small business, a freelance gig, or a second phone number that you’ll use for personal reasons? Think about the following:

  • If you are an online business, where do most of your customers come from?
  • Which industry do you operate most in and which region of the country or area code might immediately indicate you as a strong player in that industry?
  • As a freelancer, if most of your clients are on the East Coast vs. the West Coast, use an East Coast area code.
  • Take a look at the most popular area codes in the country. If you’re in doubt, choose one of those to convey status (the 310 area code is great for West Coast purposes; the 212 area code is great for East Coast business). These are great for those working in sales or who contact customers, businesses, and vendors all over the country.
  • For safety purposes, it’s nice to have a phone number that has an area code from a larger metro area (i.e. a 310 area code might be better for personal use in Los Angeles versus the more specific 818 or 626 area codes).
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How to Get a 917 Area Code Number

For business, a Burner number subscription simply makes sense. You’ll get to choose to have a phone number with the 917 area code (yes!). But, the number will also auto-renew, ensuring that you can keep your second business phone number up and running with your custom voicemail greeting and all of the other features you need for work.

Want a 917 area code? Or, perhaps you’re interested in the 213 area code for West Coast business matters. Find a second phone number today and choose the area code that best suits your personal and business needs.

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