Text yourself a link to download Burner:

A Burner for every situation


Keep in touch with clients, customers, and teammates without giving out your personal cell.

At the bar or online, get to know them before you connect permanently.

From Etsy to Craigslist, get the deal done while keeping your personal information out of it.

Keep a Burner handy for signups, web forms, nosy stores, and other situations to avoid those telemarketers.

“Having a thin layer of privacy betweeen yourself and the rest of the world, when needed, is hard to put a price on.”
-Jenna Wortham

Burner Features


Real phone numbers when you need them

Burners are real numbers with local area codes you can use for calls, texts, and voicemail to stay in touch with anyone. 


Control your mobile identity     

Manage who can reach you without compromising your personal information. Features like Touch ID lock and custom line colors will keep you organized and in control.


Burn to "disconnect"


Keep a Burner as long as you want... or delete at the touch of a button. Like magic, your number goes out of service and the data is wiped from your phone.