What Is Hushed?

Hushed is a second phone number service owned by Affinityclick, a VOIP solutions enterprise. Started in 2013, Hushed is available in 45 countries and offers private messaging to users.

Hushed offers a variety of options from 7-day to per month plans, giving users different levels of usage that fit their needs. Hushed focuses on providing encrypted, private messaging for users. 


The inbox on Burner (left) and Hushed (right)

What Are the Differences Between Hushed and Burner?

On the surface, Burner and Hushed offer similar services—primarily, an easy way to grab a second phone number with unlimited texting and calling for $4.99 per month, to protect your personal privacy.

Hushed is spread over 40 countries, however, while Burner is available only in the U.S. and Canada. Hushed also charges an additional per-minute price for international calling, but aren't always transparent about what those costs are. Hushed also limits texting to SMS and MMS, with no support for GIF or video messaging.

Burner offers a lot more advanced features that Hushed lacks. This includes robocall blocking by Nomorobo, integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and more. Burner also has a built in API, so you can create your own integrations if you want something more sophisticated.

The other place Burner excels is with the focus on privacy. Unlike Sideline, Burner offers a PIN lock option and the ability to mute contacts or place your Burner lines on Do Not Disturb.

And for those who enjoy messaging with emotive visuals, Burner’s MMS supports pictures and gifs, while Sideline only supports plain old text messages.

Why Choose Burner Over Hushed?

If you just need quick access to a basic disposable phone number, Hushed might serve your needs.

But if you want improved call quality and advanced add-on options at the same price, Burner is a better choice for you. Many Burner users love Burner’s ability to integrate with Nomorobo, Slack, Evernote, and bots such as Ghostbot and Hostbot. Burner already has an API in place, making it the option for more robust and personalized use.

Burner is focused on staying at the cutting edge of second phone number technology and continuously adding features to better serve users.


  • Unlimited calls, texts, and pics

  • Up to 3 auto-renewing lines

  • Spam and robocall blocking

  • 1 swap per line per month

How Much Does Hushed Cost?

Hushed offers a number of different payment levels. For the most basic, you get 150 texts, and 50 minutes of calling for $3.99. There’s also a limited, 7-day option for $1.99.

To upgrade to unlimited calling and texts, it costs $4.99 a month. Calling and messaging between Hushed numbers is always free. Additional numbers and international calling cost extra.

What Are People Saying About Hushed and Burner?

I love having this option to use one line with an additional number. I can keep my business and my personal life separate without the need and the hassle of carrying to different phones and the unnecessary expense of additional cellular service. Whoever thought of this is a genius!
— Earl Stahl, Android Reviewer
Great app to keep your private number private, and still be sociable. Have business calls on same phone, and for fun. Talk about user friendly, simple with all kinds of features I didn’t even realize existed. An absolute must. Probably best app I’ve ever used. 10 stars in my book. Thanks for a great app that’s simple and offers so much!
— Brad Wyss, Android Reviewer