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Why to Use Burner for Disposable Virtual Phone Numbers


With a virtual phone number from Burner, your privacy is completely protected. No one can use your number to reveal your personal information, no matter how hard they search online.



Use Burner like you use your normal phone app. Store contacts, customize your voicemail, turn the ringer on or off. No one will ever know you're using a Burner unless you tell them!



Burner Premium lines come with unlimited calling, texting, and picture messaging. Plus, you can avoid data charges by using WiFi at home.

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We have numbers in almost every area code across the US and Canada. Search for available numbers in the area code of your choice.


Customize Your Virtual Phone Number Line

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Edit the color and choose a photo for your line so that it suits your mood or the purpose for that line (maybe you want a different line for Tinder and

Record Voicemail


Record a voicemail greeting for each virtual phone number line you maintain.

Sync Connections


If you're getting harassed by a bad date or you just want to cut loose, Burn the number and get a new one right away!


Ghostbot by Burner

STEP 1: CONFIGURE HOSTBOT WITH ANSWERS To set up Hostbot, go to, and fill out answers for each common question. Your answers should correspond to the property for which you are using this line.

Step 1: Turn on Ghostbot

The Burner text-messaging bot that helps you ghost away from fleeting relationships — without the emotional baggage. Turn it on at

Ghostbot Activated


No more emotional baggage from ghosting — sit back and let Ghostbot handle your avoidance texts. Eventually he'll get the picture... or he won't. Who cares? You don't have to worry when Ghostbot is handling it.

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“Having a thin layer of privacy between yourself and the rest of the world, when needed, is hard to put a price on.” 

— Jenna Wortham, The New York Times

App Store Review Male

Made Online Dating Much Better

"I used this app when I was online dating. It was great not to give strangers my real number, and I could just ""burn"" the ones who got weird or creepy. Made me feel safer than giving out my real number. Easy to use too. It's great!"
- By Katherine Marie
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"I love that this app gives me the choice to control who has my number or not. Definitely a must have if you're single and mingling. I'm sorry to say but it's the truth, some people out there are a total of jackasses and you can burn them out at the push of a button. Pay for the premium it's worth it."
- By Coco Valo Q


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