Burner for Dating

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Protect your privacy while dating

Whether you're dating online or in person, there are many social situations that require a phone number. But your phone number is attached to your personal information—full name, address, maybe even email and social networks.

Are you really ready to give out all that personal info to someone you just met at a bar (or on Tinder)? What if they turn out to be a total creep?

Fortunately, you don't have to give out your personal number. That's what Burner is for. Sign up here t create unlimited disposable phone numbers on your smartphone, that you can use while you're dating.

The transition to your personal number can happen after you get to know each other. Or, if someone does turn out to be a creep like you suspected, you can just burn to disconnect.

More about our unlimited subscription below. 


Burner Subscription

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Unlimited calls / texts / pics. We even have gif support!

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Auto-renewing lines. Never worry about your number expiring.

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Free monthly number swaps. Change your number once per month (per line) at no extra charge.

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Spam blocking. Subscribers get robocall and spam filtering via Nomorobo.


As low as $4.99/month.