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We want to make hosting easier for you. We're opening up Hostbot for Burner to Beta testers. If you're interested in getting early access, sign up below.



Sign up for the Beta

For text message support only - we will never call you or sell your number.
Do you plan on hosting guests your home through a vacation rental site in the next few weeks?
For example: Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway


What is Hostbot and Burner?

Hostbot is a text-messaging bot that automates your communication with guests. It’s built for the Burner App (iOS and Android), and it gives you disposable phone numbers for personal and business use. Burner’s Connections Platform makes phone numbers smarter and more useful by connecting them to other services like bots that facilitate better communication.

A lot of Burner’s customers find that Burner is a great way to manage small side businesses like hosting on Airbnb and other vacation rental sites. During the beta, you will receive a free unlimited subscription to a Burner phone number, all that we ask is that you provide that number to your guests for communication after booking.


How Does Hostbot Work?

We’ve identified the most frequently asked questions guests have while staying at a vacation rental. And we’ve created a bot that is trained to find those questions in the text messages guests send and then respond to those texts with your pre-set answer. You simply fill in the answers to the questions that you’d like the bot to handle and those are the responses Hostbot will send when a guest messages you. You will be able to see all communication and respond to messages in the Burner App.

We’ll be diving into specific instructions for you to get started with the beta in a couple of days, but first would like you to fill out this 5 minute survey.



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