How to Engage Your Fans with Burner Connections

And use Burner Connections to grow your art, brand, or business

Collecting Feedback or User-Generated Content

Engage directly with your audience using temporary, disposable numbers from Burner. Broadcast a phone number your fans can call or text while keeping your personal number private, and take advantage of advanced tools like Burner Connections to collect feedback, record and automatically upload incoming voicemails, and save and share photos. In addition to our native integrations with Dropbox, Google Sheets, Slack, and more, you can build all kinds of custom workflows to suit your needs.

But you can start by simply sharing your new Burner number to engage speaking directly with your fans or customers—it's really that easy. The people you engage with and the content you create with Burner could be a valuable path to growth.

The rest of this page will show you how to easily crowdsource, engage, and distribute content in a more efficient way with Burner Connections.


USED to curate...

Product reviews • Fan engagement • Contest entries • Q&As • Brand/business testimonials • Story ideas • Audio for multimedia art projects • Listener feedback

Create Your Burner Number

To begin, create a new unlimited Burner number through our web-based number picker.

Choose an area code screen

2-Minute Burner Setup

Burner Icon


Once you've created an account, you can download Burner for iOS or Android.



Include a specific call to action. Do you want the caller to sing a song? Say a keyword/phrase? Record a message?

Auto reply icon

Write a text message auto-responder

Auto-responders can be used for many things, including bonus material, extra chances to win a contest, reminders, work hours, or "not available" reminders if you have the Burner on autopilot.

Automate Content Creation

Burner Connections automatically save and post the content for you, so you can focus on interaction and let Burner do the busy work.



Use Dropbox to store voicemails and multimedia messages (photos/images people send you). More about the Dropbox Connection.

Google Drive

Google Drive

The Drive Connection stores contact info and text messages in a Google Sheet, and files in Google Drive. More about the Google Drive Connection.



If you have a larger team, connect Burners to Slack to enable your whole team to communicate through a single number from the app. More about the Slack Connection.



The SoundCloud Connection allows you to automatically post voicemails to SoundCloud. Learn more about the SoundCloud Connection.

Engage and Promote

Now, the fun part.

Promote the Burner number across social networks, through email lists, and in person (for instance, if you're a musician, while on stage at a concert) inviting fans/customers to call, leave voicemails, text with you (or your team!), and send photos.

We've seen crazy creative examples in the real world. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Real-World Examples

Connect with Livestreaming

Burner as a q&a tool

Musician Ryan Walker (of Imagine Dragons) used Burner as a Q&A tool following a hangout he did with his fans.

Band practice connect with fans on the road

Engage with your base

The band Iration used Burners to engage their fans during periods of recording between new releases. All it takes is a little hustle.

Put Burner to Work for You

Engage with your fans, crowdsource content, and grow your art, brand or business.