Burner Developer

Phone numbers are more powerful when they're open.  Now, any developer or advanced user can extend the capabilities of Burner lines,

Using incoming and outgoing webhooks, developers can listen to incoming texts, generate outgoing replies, and quickly build custom experiences on top of Burner phone numbers, enabling anything from simple input/output-based recipes to full-on agents or bots embedded into user phone numbers.

To get started, log in to the Burner web client and enable the Developer Connection from the developer console for the line you want to develop on.

Once you have a Burner developer-enabled, view the full webhook documentation or check out tutorials and examples of things you can build on top of your number. 

Quick start

Specify an outgoing webhook in the developer console and get notified when a new text or call comes in to your Burner. JSON data will be POSTed to the url you specify when an inbound event occurs on your number.

  "type": "inboundText", 
  "payload": "Are you there?", 
  "fromNumber": "+12222222222", 
  "toNumber": "+13333333333",
  "userId": "{burner user id}",
  "burnerId": "{burner id}

Send texts via your Burner number using incoming webhooks. Generate an incoming url for your Burner via the developer console and then send a POST request to that url with a JSON body.

  "intent": "message",
    "toNumber": "+15555555555",
    "text": "Yes I am here!"

Combine outgoing and incoming webhooks to create bots or other autoresponders, or use outgoing and incoming webhooks individually with services like IFTTT and Zapier to add powerful integrations to other services.