Short Term Goals & How To Achieve Them

Short Term Goals & How To Achieve Them
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Science shows that only 8% of people achieve all of their life goals. Even though that sounds like a bit of a bummer, the figure is only low because we still don’t understand how to set the right goals. How are we supposed to set goals, then? According to the experts, one component is to set small, realistic goals instead of focusing on larger life ideas that don’t have clear-cut measures of success.

In 2021, we suggest focusing on short-term goals instead of long-term goals. They’re much easier to process and will allow you to engage in personal or professional growth in a less stressful way for you and way more scalable overall. Here’s how to set and achieve those short-term goals like a boss.

Great short-term goals to strive for

Not sure what a short-term goal is or what might be an excellent example of a short-term goal to strive for? Remember that you’re more likely to achieve the goal if it’s specific and challenging. Instead of aiming for abstract ideas of some sort of dream life, set a specific, short-term goal to get certified in digital marketing or to create one video per month to show off your camera skills. Other short-term goals include keeping a daily journal, hitting a certain level of Duolingo daily, waking up an hour earlier, or reducing your monthly expenses by $100.

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Surround yourself with success

It’s hard to aim for success if you’re not surrounded by others who are also passionate about their own success (and yours too). To achieve short-term goals in 2021, surround yourself with success in any way you can. Whether that means joining a Facebook group of others working towards the same goals as you or hiring a coach or mentor to help set you up with the skills you need to succeed. Remote life coaches are becoming more popular, or you can plan a weekly virtual meetup with friends you found in a Facebook group that’ll help you achieve your goals and increase your productivity and persistence.

Hold yourself accountable

We are often our worst enemies; that’s is never more accurate than when we’re trying to achieve something meaningful. Keep this in mind and understand that you deserve a bit of grace if you fall off the wagon or forget to complete your daily goal for a week or so. It’s okay. However, you still have to be honest about your progress. Don’t create excuses for yourself. And call yourself out when you find that you’re procrastinating. If it helps, try utilizing an anti-procrastination app.

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Practice the 52-17 rule

There’s nothing quite like using interval sports training theories to train your brain to achieve short-term goals. Think of short-term goals as interval training and practice the 52-17 rule, which is when you work at something for 52 minutes straight and then take a 17-minute break. In this study, one business found that following this method resulted in the highest levels of productivity for their employees.

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Use the right tools

Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill for work or want to get paid for taking freelance photos, you’ll likely need tools to help you accomplish your short-term goals. Whatever those tools are, make sure you’re investing time and money into ensuring that you’re able to have those tools. Sure, it’s an expense that you might not feel like you need right now, but if it helps you achieve goals and become a better, more organized person, then it’s well worth the investment. What tools are we talking about? If your goals are business-related, get a Burner phone number to help you separate your new freelance clients from your personal calls. Or, invest in the right shoes for hiking, the right camera for taking photos, or the right course that you need to level up in life.

Here to help you stay on track

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