Best alternatives to Google Voice for Business

Best alternatives to Google Voice for Business

One recently released study showed that over half of American workers handle business on their personal phones. From responding to messages and making sales calls to dialing in for an important remote conference call, there are many different reasons for having to use your personal phone and phone number for work-related tasks.

While it makes sense to use the same phone to avoid carrying around two separate devices, it doesn’t make sense to use the same phone number. And, that’s likely why second phone number apps and VoIP solutions have become so popular.

You’ve probably heard of people using Google Voice for business, but it’s not the only option you have. Here’s what to know about the best alternative to Google Voice and why it’s even important in the first place.

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What is VoIP?

First thing’s first...what the heck is VoIP? It stands for “voice over internet protocol” and it basically enables you to make and receive traditional phone calls as well as receive messages over the internet. Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger are all popular VoIP apps that don’t require you to use your traditional phone carrier’s data to make or receive calls or messages.

Who uses VoIP? Lots of people and for lots of different reasons! It’s great for:

  • Online businesses with no central office or operations. With numerous employees working from home or in remote parts of the world, they’ll all need a business phone number (or multiple) with a specific area code.
  • People living or working abroad. If you travel a lot for work then VoIP apps simply make sense. Instead of getting a new SIM card in each country or having to change your number, using VoIP to communicate ensures your number stays the same and all you have to do is connect to WiFi or data. In the case that you’re not connected to data or can’t access it, your Burner phone will work if you’re connected to WiFi, for example.
  • Employees needing to work on-the-go or remotely. Even if you do work from a central office, you can’t answer phone calls to your office if you’re running around to meetings or are driving to a client’s office. VoIP allows you to stay connected wherever you are.
  • Freelancers wanting to have a business phone number. VoIP solutions are great for freelancers or small business owners who want to have a dedicated business line but don’t want to use an entirely separate second phone.
  • People who want to protect their privacy. Using Google Voice and any other VoIP is great in both personal and professional settings where you simply want to protect your privacy. You can create a second phone number with Burner and keep your primary number private.
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The Downfalls of Google Voice for Business

VoIP is a money-saving option for lots of businesses as they don’t come with any setup fees or other requirements aside from having a smartphone to work the app from. And, as mentioned, while numerous companies use Google Voice for business purposes, it’s got a few downfalls.

  • Google Voice only offers a select few numbers in any given geographical area. Area codes can be important, especially in a business setting. So, you’ll want to have a bit more choice when creating your second phone number.
  • Google Voice only works for personal Google Accounts in the US and G Suite accounts in other areas. Text messaging is not supported in all markets, making it difficult if you’re using it due to work travel.
  • Users sometimes report that their phone doesn’t ring when they receive an incoming call via Google Voice. This is a massive drawback when you’re using Google Voice for business as it can lead to missed important business calls.

While these aren’t massive drawbacks, there are other solutions that are easier to use that work great for business tasks, online dating, freelancers, and even those looking to sell something online.

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Best Alternatives to Google Voice for Business

The best alternative to using Google Voice for business? Burner. It’s the original second phone number app for calling, texting, and picture messaging. And, it shines where Google Voice doesn’t.

Not only can you create a second phone number (and as many other lines as you need), but you can keep your Burner phone number as long as you have a subscription. Subscription lines auto-renew and are much more budget-friendly for individual employees and small businesses than installing an entirely separate work phone system.

If someone calls your Burner number, the call is routed through to your number like normal and you’ll be asked whether you wish to accept the call or not. If you don’t, they can leave a message that’ll go to your Burner voicemail, allowing you to keep Burner voicemails (in this case used for work) separate from other voicemails.

Along with allowing you to keep your work life separate from your personal life, you can even use Burner to send text messages and picture messages. The best part? They look like regular text messages; the recipient has no idea you’re using a Burner phone number.

Download the app today to get a free second phone number for a week just to try it out. Then, sign up for a Subscription Burner to run your professional life with ease.

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