Burner Profiles: Cooper's Trees - Portland, OR

Burner Profiles: Cooper's Trees - Portland, OR

Welcome to the first installment of the Burner Profiles! We know many of you utilize Burner in creative ways that help your businesses, projects, and causes, and we want to help you get some attention! Our brand new "Burner Profiles" series will meet the people behind the numbers to learn about their projects, challenges, and how they're overcoming them through creative uses of technology.

For our first profile we will be hosting a Google Hangout On-Air with:



1.) Tell us about your business

We are Portland's most extravagant Christmas tree shopping experience! On the tree lot we offer not only trees but complimentary adult beverages, live music, crafting and more!!! We also have launched a website www.cooperstrees.com that allow a customer to order their specific tree, accessories and time and date of delivery.

2.) What made you decide to try Burner? Why?

Since launching my website I decided to get a burner phone. Once Xavier explained to me that he was involved in a "Burner" App called Burner (and I absolutely love The Wire) I thought to use the app.  It works great for me because when it rings I know its business specific and also I like the idea of the open public not having my personal line.

3.) What were you using before Burner?

I was using an actual burner phone, what I didn't like about that was that I couldn't keep the number live unless I wanted to pay for it for the remainder of the year leading to next tree season

4.)  Do you use Burner outside your business?

Not yet, still very new to me but I can see myself using my Burner app outside of the tree business.

5.) What's on your wish-list for Burner improvements/updates?

I have no improvements to suggest from Burner, my experience begun right after the update and it featured everything that I needed and more!

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