The best alternative to outdated business phones

The best alternative to outdated business phones

60% of customers prefer to call small businesses on the phone instead of reaching out via email. If you’re a small business, however, and you’re not using a dedicated line to accept these calls, life is going to get pretty overwhelming pretty fast.

Whereas small business owners, employees, and even the big shot C-suite executives used to purchase and use a whole separate second phone, business phones have since evolved. Now, Burner makes it possible to use a business phone straight from your regular one.

You add as many lines as you need to add for various roles or projects and then burn them when they no longer serve you. This is great for product discovery, sales roles, and numerous other areas of business. Business phones are so last century. Now, there’s Burner.

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Do you need a business phone number?

Yes, absolutely! One recently released study showed that over half of American workers handle business on their personal phones. From responding to messages and making sales calls to dialing in for an important remote conference call, there’s a lot that you need a business phone for. And as we work hard to have some sort of work-life balance, it’s no longer acceptable to perform those tasks on your personal phone.

As a freelancer or small business, you might be wondering whether or not it makes sense to have a business phone; the answer is still yes! Having a business phone on your website is professional. Not only that, but it ensures that business contacts and potential customers can’t trace the number back to your personal phone.

Sure, you might not be trying to hide anything, but it’s best to keep those two areas of your life separate. With a Burner phone number, you’re able to create as many business lines as you need and even choose the area code for each line. If you’re a small one-person or two-person marketing agency, for example, you can choose to have one West Coast line with a 310 area code and another East Coast line with a 917 area code. It’ll make you look more professional.

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What about physical business phones?

So, we’ve established that you definitely need a business phone number, but what about business phones. Should you and your staff be walking around with two phones in your pocket at all times? Nope. It’s simply not necessary.

With the Burner app, you’re able to connect certain business and productivity features that allow you to streamline certain processes in your business. Mute calls from your regular phone (including notifications from social media), and just use Burner as a daytime business phone; you can enjoy all of the perks of a business phone plus added features (Slack, Google, Evernote, etc.) without the hassle of having two phones in your pocket.

Business phones aren’t just outdated for workers on-the-go, they’re also becoming obsolete in offices, too. If you own a small business, weigh the costs and benefits of getting a Burner line for your freelancers or employees. Communicate with them through these lines and cover the costs associated with the Burner Subscription and trust that they’re mature and professional enough to use their regular phone throughout the day to answer calls and respond to messages via Burner.

This can be especially helpful if you manage a lot of remote employees. Seeing as 44% of employees say that part of their team is full-time remote, employees and owners alike are going to need to look for solutions that allow for full company connectivity while still retaining some sort of professionalism and boundary between home life and work life.

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How to use Burner lines for business

When it comes to using Burner for business, you’ve got two main choices; you can either have a Prepaid Burner or a Subscription Burner. For business purposes, we suggest a Subscription Burner as the line is auto-renewing.

Download the Burner app or have your employee do so. Then, purchase the Subscription Burner and create a new number with the area code that corresponds to your business’ location.

If someone calls the Burner number, the call is routed through to your number like normal. Your texts look like regular text messages; the recipient has no idea you’re using a Burner phone number.

Try Burner for business

Check out our guide on How to Use Burner’s Business Features to learn more about ways in which you can optimize the tool that is a Burner phone number. As an excellent alternative to outdated business phones, Burner numbers give you all of the functionality and flexibility you’re looking for in the modern-day business world.

Download the app today to get a free second phone number for a week just to try it out. Then, sign up for a Subscription Burner to run your professional life with ease.

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