Grow Your Art, Brand, or Business with Burner Connections

One of the most underutilized—yet highly effective—ways to use Burner is as a platform to engage directly with your fans. On top of giving you a dedicated number for your audience, Burner has a number of features and tools that can help you drive engagement.

Used and loved by podcasters, musicians, artists, and businesses, Burner’s smart phone numbers allow you to speak to your fans, take listener feedback, and crowdsource content—without exposing your personal phone line.

Burner’s Connections are integrations with well-known apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and SoundCloud that help you automate aspects of this process. Collect and save photos or voicemails from users, collaborate with teammates, and more.

The people you engage with and the content you create with Burner could be a valuable path to growth. Our team put together a short tutorial to show you how it all works.

Let us know on Twitter when you get set up, so we can give you a little boost. We love to see the innovative ways our customers are using Burner to make genuine connections with people.