Ready for Android N with Burner 3.5 (plus GIFs!)

Burner for Android has been updated to take advantage of some exciting new features of Android N: Direct Reply for notifications and split screen Multi-Window support.

Improved Messaging 

Reply from the Home Screen

As you can see in the screenshots below, you can now reply to incoming text messages without leaving the home screen. Simply slide down the notification, tap reply, type your reply, and hit send. The notification updates inline, and you can see a few message back in the conversation in the notification tray.

GIFs and Smoother Animations

If you have a Picture or Subscription Burner, you can now express that perfect emotion or reaction with those brief animations we know as GIFs. This update also makes the messaging window animations smoother and more native-feeling.  


Multi-Window Mode

Burner now also supports Android's Multi-Window mode. You can have two apps either side-by-side in landscape mode or or one above the other in portrait mode. This allows you to have Burner running in one window while viewing a web page or composing an email in another.