Improving Burner's core privacy and identity features

It's been exciting to share the news about Burner Connections, which rolled out to both iOS and Android over the last month, enabling integrations between phone numbers and apps like Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack.  

The feedback has been great – and we'd love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas – but the Burner engineering team has not been sleeping on core Burner calling and texting features.  In the last few weeks we've also rolled out several new features and improvements we want you to know about.  Here's the rundown.

Call blocking

If you use Burner for a longer-term situation or for circumstances where you need to be in contact with a bunch of different people – which is probably the case if you're using our new Premium subscription option – you may find there's one person you want to disconnect with.  An extra-pushy salesperson while you're car shopping, or a no-longer-active customer or vendor, or maybe just someone with poor boundaries following up a little too persistently after a dud date.   

Now you can block callers (and texters) at the number level, so you no longer have to burn the whole line to accomplish that.  

  1. Go into the Conversation stream of the number you would like to block
  2. Click the CONTACT icon in the top right of the screen
  3. Select BLOCK
  4. Confirm you would like to BLOCK all incoming calls and texts from the offending phone number
  5. To UNBLOCK, follow the same steps and confirm you would like to unblock the number


Choose caller ID display

On a similar note, if you're using Burner for a situation where lots of different people might be calling, you may want to see the name of the caller, rather than the name of the Burner line, as the caller ID when you have an incoming call.  Now you have that option.

To enable it:

  1. Go to the SETTINGS of the Burner number you would like to enable
  2. On the DETAILS screen, hit the options button in the top right of screen (the three dots)
  3. Under Inbound Caller ID you can toggle between inbound calls as being from your Burner number or the caller ID of the caller


By the way, if you have this option enabled, and the inbound caller's number matches up with someone who's already in your phone's address book, your phone will display their complete contact info.  (If you return the call later, though, remember to use your Burner!).


Contacts improvements

Another consequence of people using Burners for longer-term situations is greater reliance on the contacts function being good.  We've been working on making this better -- among other things Burner now does a better job handling imported iPhone contacts with more than one phone number.


Subscription update

We've heard some feedback from users about our Premium subscription lines.  While we developed these primarily in response to user feedback that people wanted to keep numbers for a long time without risk of forgetting to renew them, we also heard that people may want to "rotate" their numbers occasionally.  So, our subscription offering now includes the ability to burn an active premium line and replace it with a new one, up to once a month at no extra cost.

All of the above are available today for both iOS and Android Burner users.  And we have more coming soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, got questions, ideas, or feedback?  Text us at (310) 919-5060 and talk to the team directly in our Slack channel.