An apology -- and thank you -- to our users

Last week, Burner launched Burner 3.0 -- a major overhaul to our iOS app, and also to our back-end technology.  Behind-the-scenes things that went wrong caused a major outage, and we want to apologize for it and thank you for bearing with us through it.

The Burner 3.0 update was more than six months in the planning and making, and involved a lot of moving parts, from our telephony carriers to our database, to the way our servers are configured and interact with our iOS, Android, and now Chrome applications.  

Our mission is to enable people to communicate in a better way that balances trust, privacy, and productivity, and our job as a software company is to make our user experience as close to perfect as we’re capable of making it.  Everyone on the Burner team prides themselves on the quality of that experience, in both the design and performance of our app.   (In more than two years of history, and across dozens of app version releases and many more back-end server updates, we have been pretty good at this and have never had an outage of this nature.)

But this time we blew it.  Some bad code got through our QA and testing process and, under the load of new users from our launch and all of our existing users updating, a key part of the new system locked up.  The problem quickly snowballed, impacting almost all of our users at some level and making the app difficult or impossible to use for many of you.  The team has been firefighting all day and most of the night in the days since, and I’m happy to report that, other than a few bugs we’re rapidly chasing down, we’re now stable and back to normal.

But we’re not happy about the fact that we let you down.  We know many of you use Burner for important things -- things you’re buying and selling, clients and people that are important to you, your business, dating, job searching. We know that when you’re using Burner there could be real money -- or true love! -- at the other end of the line.  The job of an alternate phone number is to be reliable and keep you connected, and failure at that is not an option.

We have heard from many of you how frustrated you were about last week’s outage -- please believe us, we know.  We want you to know we’re sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this caused for you or the people you’re communicating with on Burner.

To help make it up to you, and out of appreciation for the fact that you’re still here, we are:

  • adding an extra 30 days to all active Burners impacted by these issues
  • significantly increasing usage limits on all Burners impacted by these issues

This may not seem like a lot, but we’re a small company and we’re doing what we can to make up for lost time and show we appreciate your business.

A member of our team also had the idea that we might be able to do something for our business-oriented users by giving you exposure on our blog and social media accounts.  We think this is a great idea -- if you have a company or a service that you’d like to have featured on the Burner blog, please send us a note telling us a little more about your company.

As always, you can find us at -- please email us there if you’re still having any issues -- or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Despite the issues over the last week, this really is an amazing update, not just for Burner, but for our customers. Burner 3.0 is faster and more responsive, has features to help keep you organized, a privacy lock (which so many of you have been asking for), and many other improvements we know you’re going to love. So if you haven’t yet, we really hope you will give it a try.

Thank you!