Burner + Evernote = your very own SMS bot

SMS-based concierges and applications are a full-on mini-trend these days, and for good reason:  they’re lightweight interaction models that are super-convenient for people who rely on texting for everyday communications.  As SMS is rapidly becoming our main inbox, this trend will only continue.

Burner’s new Evernote Connection makes it a snap to build and manage your very own, personalized auto-reply bot.

Once you’ve set it up, anyone who texts a particular word to your Burner number – say, “directions” – will get an automatic reply via text with the contents of the Evernote note of the same name.  If they text something that’s not a recognized command, they’ll get a full list of available options.

You’ll still see all the incoming and outgoing texts (including the bot’s replies) in every conversation, so you can deploy "regular human mode" any time you need to.

We’ve just launched this feature, but we’ve been testing it with friends who are using it to share information about their weddings, band tours, AirBnB rentals, and any number of other things.  We hope you'll enjoy experimenting with it too.

To learn more about how to set up the Evernote Burner Connection, click here.

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